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Amsterdam, Nederlands   | | Since 2016

Taxi vehicles are a unique advertising tool that can be used to transport important guests to headquarters or special event, they can also be used in a promotional drive to give out samples, play your latest music or feature at a product premiere. Launch a captivating marketing vehicle which stimulates the senses of passengers in our taxi vehicles.

Cabture reaches passenger onboard and anchor a brand name and image in the minds of the public, continually proving to be one of the most cost effective and high impact Advertising format.

CabTab taxi's offer an exclusive service to travelers from all walks of life. This 10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab add value to traveling time by giving passengers the opportunity to stay up to date with relevant info regarding their trip. From routes, costs until driver rating but also a guide to inform you on venue's and offers closeby.

Technology stack:
- Native Java Android application
- Websockets

Technology stack:
- AngularJS
- CSS3
- Websocket
- Google Maps API

- Advanced NodeJS API that can deal with thousands of cabs in real time. - MongoDB database

Complex documentation describing project

Project management over scrum team and contact with customer

"We are looking forward to a longterm relationship, working together for many years to come. For this reason, we would definitely recommend Taky and would be delighted to give anyone interested in a collaborating with TAKY more information or arguments to back up our references. For any questions referring to our collaboration with TAKY you can easily contact us through email ("
Mita Satjadibrata

Virtual SMS

Warsaw   | | Since 2017

Virtual SMS is a web application developed based on ICAO requirements and Doc 9859 – Safety Management Manual. It takes into account four main elements of the SMS and also offers useful business tools.

Our solution provides a set of tools that ease the way to demonstrate compliance with the requirements and effectively manage the safety of aviation organizations. 

The service gives you access to a unique database of best practices and support of specialists from different areas of the aviation industry, who will guide you in achieving even the most demanding tasks.

"I can fully recommend the TAKY's services to other interested clients and, above all, as a V-SMS, I will continue this great cooperation"
Marek Lewandowski
Technology stack

- Python3
- Django
- CSS3
- JQuery, Ajax

April Insurance Group

Guadeloupe, Antilles, France   | | Since 2016
Health insurance

Advanced knowledges about health insurance related to lay in France

Car insurance

Advanced web calculator for insurance company based on modern technologies

ERP and CRM extension

- Java Web service
- Amazon AWS integration
- Electronic signature system
- SMS token system
- Web service extension and integration (PHP)
- Electronic document flow system
- Customer management system

"The key factors for choosing to work with TAKY were dedication to our needs and requirements, as well as their ability to supply us with innovative solutions within the means of our budget. We at April Caraibes are very satisfied to be TAKY client and looking for a long-lasting relationship"
Guy Nietcho


Warsaw, Poland   | | Since 2016
We can confirm high quality of TAKY's work as they keep professional standards od the service provided. The company representatives pay great attention to building long-term relationships with customers while maintaining arousing trust and modern methods of communication ..."
Wojciech Ratajczak
Head Of Finance
ERP Software extending and integration

Advanced ERP software used by global and famous corporations 

(NDA protected informations)


Warsaw, Poland   | | 2015
Restoring application

Application has been restored after unsuccessful implementation by other company. 

Reverse engineering

Programmers had to understand old code and business rules, refactor it and run application old version.

Create new application

Our programmers had to create new project and implement exactly the same product in other programming language

"Development work was to restore 4Create Application. The cooperation was without reservations, maintaining the quality standards required by external institutions (i.e. European Union). Successfully completed external acceptance tests confirm the professional service of TAKY"
Katarzyna Sokolnicka
Technology stack

- Python
- Django
- CSS3
- JQuery, Ajax

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