Software integration


Software integration (CRM/ERP/Dedicated)

Integration of ERP-class IT systems requires the relevant experience of the management team, which is responsible for the selection of appropriate technologies and the organization of the team.

Building central systems facilitates work in the company, which saves a lot of time and money. Based on the stability of existing solutions, you can create an ideal tool that is easier and faster to use.

Our consultants perfectly understand the needs and expectations of customers. You can entrust us with projects that for others seem to be doomed to failure.

Software migration

Increasingly, companies are opting for solutions in the cloud with the aim of reducing financial outlays for the maintenance of stationary systems.

Our team specializes in the migration of previously used solutions to newly designed systems based on cloud architecture.

The benefit of such a process is primarily a significant reduction in the price of software maintenance as well as convenient, remote access to updates regardless of the availability or distance that separates us from customers.

Custom software integration

Dedicated systems are aging fast. It is increasingly difficult to find a team that will program new functions in languages that come out of use. 
TAKY offers software development that has grown technologically old, giving it a modern shape and functionality.

We strive to make the software that is created for our clients modern and adapted to the needs of the industry in an individual way.

Extending existing software

Sometimes, the work budget associated with the software is rigidly defined and there is a need to expand the software with certain functions without creating a dedicated, integrated platform.

Usually in such cases, we analyze the technological possibilities with clients.
In next step we plan new functions in a way that does not affect the operating software and only introduce updates.


Our target

We provide integration services for industries like:
- Production companies
- Insurance companies
- Bank companies
- Services companies
- Startups

SLA and support

We understand business needs. We support companies in mode 7/24, because our point is to provide highest quality service where's no place for delays.  

Contact our consultants and ask for support or software integration

How we work?


First of all we need to understand your needs. Our team is ready for new challenges. 

During the meeting we ask for:
- What kind of software is currently used by company
- What company needs
- When we need to finish
- Who is contact person
- Who is technical person on your side (if exists?)
- What reaction time is necessary for your company?
- Specification of existing system


After analysis of we are ready to prepare offer for you and answer how can we help you to meet your requirements.

Our offer contains:
- Detailed list of services to be done
- Communication structure
- SLA conditions
- Technical description
- Financial proposal

afer acceptation of offer we're ready 


We know deadline and services to be done. Now we're focused on quality and needs that we need to fit. 

Service and support

After we finish works related to offer there is next step that is also very important. Service and support is kind of police that your system will work properly.

Our team is determined to provide highest uptime of your software